Shri N Devarajan,

Founder & Group Chairman.

An academician, philanthropist and an industrialist. Education has been dear to his heart right from his formative years. True to the Visionary that he is, he guides the strategic vision and direction for the entire Group. Conceiving and nurturing the formation of the CPS Group of Educational Institutions, is what keeps him busy these days.

Mr. Dagupati Balaji,

CEO & Correspondent.

One of the few in the country who can not only understand new age education, and its methods but is a pro in diligently implementing it. Qualified in technology and management disciplines with a B.E., and M.B.A., respectively, he has over 15 years of expertise and experience in Education Life Cycle Management. His current active role includes overseeing New Initiatives, Strategic Planning, Implementation and Operations of CPS Group of Institutions. Diversification, based on future potential areas for the CPS Institutions, form the focus for his vision.

Shri Suman Babu,

Director & IT Infrastructure.

A perfectionist and a specialist is what sums him up briefly. But to elaborate, he is equipped with an M.S. from the University of Chicago in the IT discipline. He is a seasoned expert in Organisational Development and Management Processes and a key person in the thinktank for strategic development and diversification of the CPS Institutions. With his role as Director, IT and Infrastructure, he is completely hands-on, overseeing the implementation of all IT and infrastructure needs of the CPS Institutions.

Mrs. Jayu Ganesh,

Head of School - Thirumazhisai

Jayu Ganesh brings to the table a legacy of global best practices as the Head for CPS Global Schools. A life-long learner, she has over three decades of experience in the profession of teaching and worked as a collaborative administrator within a learning community in various capacities and roles.

Prior to joining CPS Global, Jayu was the Dean of Academics, IGCSE Coordinator and Examination Officer for CIE in Symbiosis International School, Pune. Having spent most of her life in the education sector, she is particularly interested in practices that unchain and set free the latent talent of every single child in her institution. Read More

Mrs. Rama Mylavarapu,

Head of School - Annanagar

Rama Mylavarapu comes with more than two decades of experience as an academician with diversified roles played as a Principal, Vice Principal, academic administrator, coordinator, mentor and a counselor. She holds a Master’s degree in Management from BITS, Pilani. Before joining CPS family, she has worked at various renowned International schools including Ahmedabad International School, Oakridge International School and Chirec International School. She brings with her knowledge and experience of New Age teaching practices and pedagogies and is committed to academic excellence. Read More