Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is CPS Global School located exactly?

CPS Global School campuses function in two different locations.

City Campus is located near Anna Nagar Roundtana at A 80, 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600102

Global Education Campus is located on Chennai ‐ Bangalore National Highway near Panimalar Engg. College at Thiruvallur High Road, SH 50, Thirumazhisai, Chennai 600124

Is the school co-educational?

Yes. The school admits boys and girls from Early Years to Grade 12.

Is it a residential or day school? From which Grade one can opt for a residential facility?

The campus located at Anna Nagar is a Day school. Residential facility is available at the Global Education Campus, Thirumazhisai for students of Grade 6 upwards. Well secured hostel accommodation is provided for girls and boys separately.

In what ways is CPS Global School different from other schools?

The School not only concentrates on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of children, it also provides academic excellence coupled with training to induce the right attitudinal change to develop in them the sense of service to others. CPS Global School gives a lot of emphasis to our culture and practices its noble principles like service, non-violence, respect to other religions, living in harmony with nature etc.,

What are the special features of CPS Global School?

It is the commitment of CPS Global School to present a world class educational centre to the young generation, where the children receive the most sophisticated education on a solid foundation of our ideology. With the class size of 24, we provide all the facilities that are conducive for children to learn in a happy environment and bloom exquisitely.

Experienced and committed mentors take care of the children very personally. Innovative teaching methods make learning enjoyable at School. Spacious air conditioned classrooms with interactive boards, multi-media lab, Science labs, Math lab, Computer Science lab, Robotics Lab, well-stocked library etc., are the supportive elements for apt learning.

Sports/Games facilities are provided to train the students in Basketball, Football,Cricket, Table Tennis etc., to encourage team building and sports skills. Special training is being provided in the campus for Chess, Martial arts, Archery, Skating, Yoga etc., We ensure that a right balance of both curricular and extracurricular experiences are served to children under our care.

To grow with supreme confidence, the school offers comprehensive personality development & life skill programs at a very early age. We operate a unique career counseling cell to aid the students with career guidance information in the school premises itself.

In which month does the academic year begin at CPS Global School?

Academic year at CPS Global School begins in the month of June and ends in April (EY ‐ 9, 11) / May (IB Diploma Programme) /June (IGCSE & A Levels).

What is the maximum student strength in each class?

The maximum class size is 24.

What is the school timings?


CPS GS ‐ Anna Nagar

Early Years I 

Early Years II & III 

9:00 am ‐ 12.30 pm

9:00 am ‐ 1.45 pm

CAIE 1 ‐ 12

8:30 am ‐ 3:20 pm


CPS GS ‐ Thirumazhisai

Early Years I & II

9:00 am ‐ 12:00 noon

EY III ‐ Gr 12

9:00 am ‐ 3:40 pm

Does the school provide lunch for students?

Food court that serves quick bites and paid lunch facility is available in the Global Education Campus, Thirumazhisai

Does the school provide transport for students?

Yes, we provide hassle free air conditioned school transport service with tracking facility for students within a radius of 20 km and a responsible adult to help the commuters in boarding the school bus at common boarding points.

What kind of emergency medical facilities do you have on campus?

School has in-house first aid trained staff. We also have a tie up with the city’s reputed hospitals to meet emergency health situations.


What is the curriculum offered at CPS Global School?

CPS Global School offers international curricula for students aged 3 ‐ 19 years. The school located in Anna Nagar is a full fledged Cambridge Pathway school that offers Cambridge curriculum from Early Years to Grade 12. The Global Education Campus located at Thirumazhisai offers Early Years for Early Learners, Cambridge curriculum for Grades 1 ‐ 10 and additionally, it is also affiliated to the International Baccalaureate Organization to deliver Diploma Programme for Grade 11 & 12.

What are the languages taught in the school and for which age group?

The choice for Second Language starts from Grade 1. We offer French, Tamil, Hindi and Spanish(only at Thirumazhisai).

Does CPS Global School provide support for students with special needs and learning differences?

Students with special education needs are considered depending on the severity of their conditions. The school accepts students with mild educational needs/physical challenges but students with moderate/severe disabilities are a matter of concern since the school does not have a special education programme for these students. For students whose learning differences become apparent after he/she joins, the school will recommend the level of accommodation based on the condition.

When my child is relocating from a CBSE/ICSE curriculum to an international curriculum at your school, would there be any difficulties he / she may face due to this shift?

Your child would be able to smoothly integrate at CPS Global School and there will be minimal inconvenience to your child as personal care and support will be rendered to make the child extra comfortable to be on par with his / her peers.

In what ways does the school help a high school child to build his/her holistic profile to fit the undergrad prerequisites in international universities?

Students of Class VIII and above are exposed to a gamut of opportunities to build his/her holistic profile. Varied platforms to groom an individual for co-scholastic domain include leadership training programs (both national & international MUNs); community service; sports/games training & specialisation; Trinity certification in performing arts; language acquisition certification such as Cambridge English, DELF/DALF qualification and so on. Other co-scholastic preparation includes International Talent search contests like PSAT (US Collegeboard), Euclid, Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (U of Waterloo).

What are the co-curricular and extracurricular activities offered at CPS Global School?

Co-curricular activities at CPS Global School include subject defined club activities, robotics, leadership programs, special assemblies, international observances and life skills.

Extra curricular activities include performing arts such as vocal and instrumental music, western dance, theatre; visual arts such as art, craft & painting community service, field trips, domestic and international educational tours, indoor and outdoor sports and games like chess, yoga, table tennis, athletics, cricket, basketball, throwball, volleyball, skating, archery and martial arts.

Are students provided with counseling and career guidance ?

The school has professional student counselors to help all students in academic, personal and social needs. An exclusive career counseling cell operates to address the developmental needs of every child from Grade 9 upwards. Career guidance programs are organized regularly to embrace the students in transforming their life long career goals.

Does the school support professional development for the teachers to learn and apply ‘best practices’?

Yes, the CPS Academy for Research & Education (CARE) empowers educators to adopt and implement effective teaching methodologies to update oneself and catch up the latest trends in imparting world class education. Our teachers periodically participate in the workshops organised by the Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Yearly events and workshops are delivered benefiting education professionals to focus on Leadership, Teaching and Learning, ICT, Literacy and Language, Performing Arts, Wellness program etc.,


What is the age requirement for entry level admission?

Eligibility requirements for entry level ‐ Early Years (Equivalent to Kindergarten) is

Early Years I ‐ 2 years to be completed by 31 December 2023

Early Years II ‐ 3 years to be completed by 31 December 2023

Early Years III ‐ 4 years to be completed by 31 December 2023

What is the admission procedure at CPS Global School?

Procure an online application form here. Fill the application form and submit it online along with the list of documents within 3 working days. Take up CPS GS ‐ Scholastic Assessment Tool (CPS GS-SAT) / informal interaction. Admission is granted on the basis of performance in CPS GS- SAT / interaction. Selected students will be intimated through SMS alerts.

What is the cutoff date for the admission process?

No, we do not have a specific closing date for admissions.

We do try to be as flexible as possible and based on the vacancies, we accept students through the academic year.

I am currently working overseas. Can the admission process be done online?

Yes. The application form can be procured online when the portal is open on scheduled dates (tentatively in the month of December) and the filled-in form shall be submitted within three days from the date of procurement.

If I am relocating from one country to another, which class would my child be admitted to at CPS Global School?

If your child comes from any other international school mid-session, generally the child continues in the same class or grade in which he / she was studying at the previous international school. If your child has completed a particular class / grade at the international school, then the child would join in the next grade. Grade Level Equivalence can be referred to below.

Grade Level at  CPS Global School

Age in Years


Key Stage

UK Grade Level

US Grade Level (IB)

Early Years


3 ‐  4

Pre Primary I

Early Years Foundation Stage




4 ‐  5

Pre Primary II




5 ‐ 6

Pre Primary III

Key Stage 1

Year 1


Cambridge Primary


6 ‐ 7

Class I

Year 2

PYP Grade I


7 ‐ 8

Class II

Key Stage 2

Year 3

PYP Grade 2


8 ‐ 9

Class III

Year 4

PYP Grade 3


9 ‐ 10

Class IV

Year 5

PYP Grade 4


10 ‐ 11

Class V

Year 6

PYP Grade 5

Cambridge Lower Secondary


11 ‐ 12

Class VI

Key Stage 3

Year 7

MYP Grade 6


12 ‐ 13

Class VII

Year 8

MYP Grade 7


13 ‐ 14

Class VIII

Year 9

MYP Grade 8

Cambridge Upper Secondary


14 ‐ 15

Class IX

Key Stage 4

Year 10

MYP Grade 9


15 ‐ 16

Class X

Year 11

MYP Grade 10

Cambridge Advanced

AS Level

16 ‐ 17

Class XI

Key Stage 5

Year 12

IBDP-1 Grade 11

A Level

17 ‐ 18

Class XII

Year 13

IBDP-2 Grade 12

IB Diploma Programme


16 ‐ 17

Class XI

Year 12

IBDP-1 Grade 11


17 ‐ 18

Class XII

Year 13

IBDP-2 Grade 12

I am a NRI parent. I wish to pre register my child provisionally. What is the admission process followed?

NRI parents should procure the online application form as any other parent would do and submit it online. Following submission, write to the respective school email IDs communicating the time of relocation. Based on the vacancy, the admissions office will guide through the provisional admission process.

Is there any preference for siblings in the admission process?

Yes, siblings get preferential admission, if there is vacancy in the grade applied for and the child meets the admission criteria. However, we do not offer any concession for siblings.

When is the online application portal open?

Our Application portal opens in the month of December.

Where do we procure the online Application form and what is the mode of payment?

You may procure the online Application form through this link by remitting a non-refundable application fee of INR 1000 or visit the school office inperson to collect the Application form by paying in cash.

What are the documents to be enclosed during submission of online application form?

Enclosures during submission of application form are as follows:

Copy of Report card / Equivalence certificate* (subject to previous academic year)

Copy of Birth Certificate*

Copy of Community Certificate (Mandatory for Communities other than OC)

Copy of Passport, OCI / PIO Card with Visa**

Copy of Medical Certificate (if applicable)

Copy of Parent Employment ID / Business Card*

Copy of Residential Proof*

Copy of Student Aadhaar Card*

Copy of Parent Aadhaar Card

** Mandatory for Foreign Nationals only

Is there any admission test or what are the admission criteria?

Admission is granted on 2 key factors. Firstly, to comply with minimum age criteria and secondly, the child MUST qualify in the CPS GS ‐ Scholastic Assessment Test (CPS GS-SAT) for the desired class. Even if the child is eligible for a higher class by age, the result of the aptitude test would be final in decidingthe class in which the child gets admitted.

What subjects are covered in the admission test?

The CPS GS ‐ SAT (Scholastic Assessment Tool) covers the following subjects:

Early Years

Informal Assessment

Primary Level   (Grade 1 ‐ 5)

English, Math & Science

Lower Secondary (Grade 6 ‐ 8)

English, Math & Science

IGCSE Y1 / Cambridge A Level / IB DP Y1

English, Math, Science. Based on specific subject choices,  other subjects including II Language are assessed.

Tests are specific to the grade level of the applicant.

What are the modes of paying the school fee?

School fee can be paid online through the payment link provided by the school or via Demand Draft.

Do you award Scholarships to students?

Yes, we do award Global Scholarship Awards for deserving students to pursue their Pre-University Program ‐ Cambridge A Level / IB Diploma Programme. Read more

What should a parent do to cancel/withdraw admission?

The parent who wishes to cancel/withdraw admission, should write an email to the respective campus admissions office mentioning the reason for the same or submit the letter of request in person.

Does the school demand any donation to admit a student?/Does CPS accept donations for admitting a child?

The school does not accept donations and parents are advised not to be carried away by touts.


Whom to contact for admission enquiries?

To gain more information on admissions, contact the respective campus and email your queries to

CPS Global School, Anna Nagar
M: +91-8754481277
T: 044-43515121
E: admissioncounsellor@cpsglobalschool.com

CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai
T: 044-35003777, 044-35003787 , 044-35003797
E: info@cpsglobalschool.com

How do I reach or communicate with my child’s teachers?

You can communicate with your child’s teachers through the school information management system which allows you to access all details of your child and academic information. The access user id and password are emailed to you after you enroll your child in the school. You can meet your child’s teachers during Parent ‐ Teacher meetings. Parents can also take prior appointments to meet theteachers in school, after school working hours between 4.00 pm and 4.30 pm. Please seek an appointment with the teacher through the PRO.

What is the communication tool between the school and the parent?

The school communicates all information to the parents through the School Management Information System (SMIS), Educloud that includes class timetable,school events, celebrations, announcements, assessments, evaluation reports, holidays etc. However, the school handbook is used to exchange information between teachers and parents of Early Years and Primary students.

How are parents informed about the progress of their ward?

Through the School Information Management System, parents are periodically informed about the child’s progress at school. They can meet teachers on scheduled PTMs.

When can I meet the Head of School?

Parents can meet the Head of School on all school working days by taking prior appointments with the PRO.

How do I get in touch with the school?

You may contact the respective school by phone or email.

CPS Global School, Anna Nagar
M: +91-8754481277
T: 044-43515121
E: ana@cpsglobalschool.com

CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai
T: 044-35003777, 044-35003787 , 044-35003797
E: info@cpsglobalschool.com


How are parents involved in the school community?

We value parents as partners in the holistic development of their children. Teachers and administrators have an open door policy and welcome parents to communicate with us. Parents take up volunteer positions in school events and activities and share their professional expertise at times.


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