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A leading international schools group is committed to excellence in independent education for children aged 3-19 years. Offering two of the most competitive and holistic international curricula, CAIE and IB Diploma Programme, CPS Global School aims to nurture students to adapt to, deal with, and even welcome an ever changing and increasingly globalised environment.



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The world is your Stage


CPS Global School offers a dynamic milieu, holds strong academic philosophy and follows the most progressive approaches to learning. The school offers internationally acclaimed curricula for K-12 and our continued commitment to the educational ethos, and prescient curricular choices have put the school at the leading edge of education in South Asia.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) of Geneva is an assessed curriculum offered in Grades 11 and 12 for students aged 16 to 19. It is an academically challenging and demanding pre-university course of study that prepares the young learners for university education and employment anywhere in the world; facilitates geographic and cultural mobility and promotes international understanding.


Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), an arm of Cambridge University in the UK is the provider of international qualifications. The K-12 Cambridge curriculum develops informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning among learners aged 3-18. It is a flexible, challenging and inspiring learning experience where the students gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers.

Advanced Placement

The U.S. College Board’s Advanced Placement is a rigorous academic program that gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they’re still in high school. Students of Grade 11 & 12 are encouraged to take AP courses to earn college credits and placement in nearly all universities in the United States and Canada and are recognized in over 100 other countries worldwide.

Early Years

Cambridge Early Years is the start of an exciting educational journey that helps young learners aged 3 to 5 years develop adequate knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make the best possible start in life. It is built around four areas of child development and offers engaging classroom resources, a range of assessment approaches to measure young learners’ progress.


We are pleased to showcase our success, contributions, team efforts, and growth in creating new benchmarks in the educational infrastructure. More than a decade of our journey in imparting international education, we have made significant achievements in engraving students’ lives to accomplish the highest levels of excellence in our offerings.

Our Alumni

Our active alumni worldwide are well connected through a networking platform, CPS Alumni Portal (CapTal). It is a resource embellishment that empowers alumni and accords fortune through a spectrum of privileges with the alma mater illustrated by personal, professional, and intellectual enrichment.

School Blog

We are a dynamic learning community full of rich opportunities, enthusiastic celebrations, and vivid happenings. The best place to get a glimpse of what is keeping all of us engaged on campus is through our social media. Enjoy these highlights and follow us on our official blog to experience what is going on in our learning ecosystem.

Francophonie @ CPSGS,TMZ

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 5 @ CPSGS, ANN

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 4 @ CPSGS, ANN

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 3 @ CPSGS, ANN

Francophonie @ CPSGS,TMZ

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 5 @ CPSGS, ANN

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 4 @ CPSGS, ANN

'Journey beyond the classroom'! - Season 3 – Episode 3 @ CPSGS, ANN





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