Our faculty conceives a variety of appropriate teaching strategies using effective offline and online resources. Every teacher plays a multiple role as a mentor, philosopher and guide shaping a child’s personality, inducing positive thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking and inculcating decision making ability leading the child to the path of success. We also ensure regular 1 to 1 teacher-student sessions, to encourage individuality, creativity and dynamism.

As part of our professional development, our teaching faculty participates in relevant yearly Asia Pacific workshops and training sessions. We register our teachers at these programmes, to:

  • >> Encourage the professional growth of our teachers and administrators
  • >> Promote the use of technology to equip our teachers with the latest teaching models
  • >> Develop teachers who can handle academic and nonacademic challenges in the classroom
  • >> Take practice and student learning to a higher level
  • >> Propagate groups of interested and committed learners

These workshops include initiating Cambridge Primary Years/ Secondary Years Programme, teaching and concept based learning, assessments, understanding what and how to research, following an international approach, and DP (Diploma Program) TOK (Theory of Knowledge), ATL (Approaches to teaching and learning, to write of a few.