Career Counselling

The holistic approach of CPS GS provides a strong milieu to its students to tread the success ladder in a very planned and organized manner. We cherish the dream of every student and appreciate the passion and zeal they possess to pursue it. To instill confidence and decision-making power, we offer comprehensive college guidance programs to lead them in the right path.

CPS GS offers a comprehensive college guidance programs scheduled throughout the year. Formally it begins at Grade 9. We strongly believe that College admission is not a prize to be won rather it is match to be made. Toward this end, we actively assist students as they research colleges, explore careers and begin to make decisions about where they would like their lives to head after graduating from CPS GS. As a team, we constantly train, counsel and guide students to maximize university preferences; succeed in achieving their best; meet the pre-requisites and criteria for attaining admission into their dream university. Thus we enable our students to articulate their strengths and manifest their skill sets in the appropriate forums.

Guidance at a glance:
  • Guidance cell is operative on all working days for any student who is interested in starting their college application process.
  • Individual and collective meetings with upper division students (Grade IX-XII) are held to familiarize themselves with the elements of the college application process.
  • Frequent email updates are sent to parents with reminders about the application process timelines.
  • Over 20 Colleges and universities visit our school to meet with individual students to acquaint them about the varied overseas options available for study.
  • College Fairs and Career Fairs are organized on campus and off campus visits are also programmed based on the demands and needs of the students.