Cambridge Advanced: AS and A levels

Cambridge International AS and A Levels have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life.

  • This is a continuation of the IGCSE examination that the students take up in Grade 10. In India, it is equivalent to Grades 11 and 12
  • Cambridge International A Levels typically take two years to complete and offer a flexible course of study that gives students the freedom to select subjects that are right for them from 55 subjects that are offered
  • Taken by over 160 000 learners in more than 128 countries
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level is an internationally recognized qualification and valued by universities worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.
  • Accepted by over 470 US universities including Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford
  • They are regarded as a passport to success at university and in employment, opening doors to a wide range of opportunities.

Cambridge International AS & A Level develops learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • In-depth subject content
  • Independent thinking
  • Applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations
  • Handling and evaluating different types of information source
  • Thinking logically and presenting ordered and coherent arguments
  • Making judgments, recommendations and decisions
  • Presenting reasoned explanations, understanding implications and communicating them logically and clearly
  • Working and communicating in English.

Through this programme at CPS GS, we aim to develop learners who are:

  • Confident in working with information and ideas, their own and those of others
  • Responsible for themselves, responsive and respectful of others
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • Engaged intellectually and socially, and ready to make a difference in the fast- changing modern world

Cambridge International AS and A Level recognition