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IB & CIE are balanced international curriculum, designed to encourage high academic standards through practical approach to teaching and learning.




CPS Global School provides a balanced environment focused on shaping the children to fit into the world of tomorrow. The campus has one of the best in class...


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All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy. CPS Global School is a high motivator for those interested in Sports and Fitness. Spacious playgrounds with dedicated...


Welcome to CPS Global School
CPS Global School centers its philosophies and tradition through commitment in education and an intuition "child first". This orients the school and the faculty in working towards a value based education rather than a pragmatic approach.Our highly qualified faculty engages education through promotion of critical thinking, research oriented inquiry based and engaged learning, creatively approaching challenges and a supportive learning community.

CPS Global School, Chennai has evolved into a paramount of world class education in providing affordable, quality, value based education not through ages but in a very concise period of time, the school has earned recognition and accolades from parents, students and its community since 2009.
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