Yoga for Humanity-International Yoga Day ’22 @ CPS Global School Thirumazhisai

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Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. One of the
proudest moments in Indian History-21st June 2015, the inception of Yoga by
the United Nations to promote global health, harmony and peace. When it
comes to healthy lifestyle practices, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai,
believes in catching them young. We have been observing this day religiously
to project the significance of Yoga in our students’ lives. This year, keeping up
with the theme – Yoga for Humanity, our students were engaged in a miscellany
of postures aimed at improving specific body functions. We have incorporated
yoga in our curriculum and students have regular yoga classes, to encourage
them to make yoga a habit for life.

To commemorate the day, our students from
CAIE1 to IBYR2 and the teachers participated in mass yoga where they were
guided by the Yoga Facilitator Ms Asha and performed the Sun Salutation and
Meditation. A select group of students demonstrated 17 different yoga poses –
Cross leg pose, Spinal twist pose, Butterfly pose, Sitting Forward bend pose,
Bridge pose, Double leg wind release pose, Thunderbolt pose, Pigeon pose,
Plank pose, Cobra pose, Inverted V pose, Crescent moon pose, Child pose,
Camel pose, Warrior pose, Triangle pose, Tree Pose. These poses help in
improving the general health of a person, relieve stress, ease arthritis symptoms,
improve strength, and contribute to better alignment by relaxing the muscles.

The flexibility and the poise with which our students demonstrated the poses
left the audience spell bound and also inspired many to try the poses. The Art
Department students with technical support from, Mr Maanas Udayakumar,
released an eco friendly cloth bag with the International Yoga Day Logo screen
printed on it to earmark the day. Students of CAIE 7 and CAIE8 designed eye-
catchy posters and innovative logos respectively for the occasion. Ms Jayu
Ganesh, Head of School addressed the students and highlighted the benefits of
practicing yoga regularly. The event marked the first of many exciting events to
come this academic year at CPS Global Thirumazhisai.

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