“Nurturing Creativity: A Journey through Theatrical Expression @ CPS Global Thirumazhisai”

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CPS Global School believes that engaging in theatre at a young age offers myriad benefits for children beyond artistic expression. It nurtures their imagination, fosters self-confidence, and hones their communication skills. Theatre also promotes collaboration and teamwork, as students work together to bring a collective vision to life on stage. Theatre plays a major role in helping students overcome their stage fear.

In our weekly theatre classes, students from CAIE 1 to CAIE 8 explore the realm of theatre, honing their skills and embracing creative expression. Through collaborative efforts, they delve into improvisation and character development, culminating in captivating plays that showcase their newfound abilities.

In the lower grades, such as Grade 1 and 2, students were engaged in playful yet impactful improvisations, tackling themes like environmental conservation and problem-solving. 

Meanwhile, older students in CAIE 4 to 8 delved into more complex narratives, from befriending dragons to unraveling mysteries in chocolate factories and navigating the intricate dynamics of a Victorian-era courtroom drama.

Each performance is a testament to the students’ growth, as they confidently embody their roles. Through this journey, our students not only learn the art of theatre but also develop vital skills in communication, teamwork and empathy.

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