Preserve and Protect: The Ambrosial of living

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Our Early learners of CPSGS-TMZ turned out to be passionate advocates for conserving water by indulging in various activities as a part of ‘World Water Day’. It’s a known fact that, all living things need water to survive because it is one of the unrivalled natural resources on Earth. Despite its importance, water is often taken for granted. To bring this awareness among our little ones, ELP 1 to 3 students immersed themselves into exploring the unknown facets of water through integrative and stimulating brain storming ideas.

Tiny tots of ELP -1 were engaged kinaesthetically in finger puppet (water droplet puppet) making. Finger puppets are found to have a positive impact on the cognitive and social development of toddlers and small children. Drawing, colouring and making a finger puppet aligned and enhanced their motor skill control, self-control skills and social skills and finally the kids revelled as they animated the different parts of the puppet.

Young minds of ELP -2 were absorbed into making posters. Through this activity, students expressed their captivating views on the theme, ‘Save water, Save Life!’ by drawing, colouring, making individual hand imprints and writing slogans. The enthusiasm was highly evident in their presentation which eventually encouraged creativity in students and offered a dynamic platform to hone and showcase their artistic excellence.

Our Inspiring ELP -3 kids delved into real-time experience of making water droplets and assembled on a bulletin board. This projection enriched our young talents to visually absorb the image of clean water and its indispensable trait. At the end of the day, the active learners were not just informed of the vitality of the unparalleled reserve of Mother Earth, but were also empowered on the initiative to preserve and protect the ambrosial asset- ‘The Water’.

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