The Celebrated Legend of CPSGS!

Akshaiy Raaj is another Karate legend of CPSGS Thirumazhisai. Karate is his life and that’s his life style. He spends most of his time practising Karate.  He is a proud purple belt holder. Being a 7 year old champion, he has achieved many medals, chiefly Gold. Signifying our Indian team, he has bagged many awards in all the International Tournaments. His achievements are everlasting and never- ending. Securing 2 Gold medals in Kata and Kumite, he resplendently reached to No.1 position in Singapore Silent Knight World Championship which was held in March 2019. His amazing performance in Second Shimoga International Championship, got him 3 Gold medals in Kata, Kumite and also in a Special Open Kata Event in August 2019 carried pride to our nation. He also bagged 2 medals in Kata and Kumite in Shotocup State level Karate Tournament, September 2019 and 2 Gold medals in Kata & Kumite in Shobukai Invitational Championship.The medals define him; the most celebrated Legend of Karate and our gesture of respect to the endowed Champion!

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