Pablo Picasso once said “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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Both parents and students’ souls were elated at Kalakriti, the Art Expo at CPS Global School, where various pieces of artwork created by teachers and students of all grades were displayed. Parents were pleasantly surprised by the overflowing artistic talent in the mini art exhibition held at CPSGS Thirumazhisai  and were lured in for a closer look at the multiple paintings and pottery. The paintings were amazing, and the parents were awestruck to find that the magnificent illustrations were done by students.One notable painting that had definitely caught the attention of many was an imitation of a Starry Night, created by a talented IGYR 1 student. 

Paintings weren’t the only art pieces displayed; abstract prints and pottery were also exhibited. 

Art that can be incorporated in everyday objects  like painted rocks and coasters, beautiful textiles, and tie-dye shawls were being sold at the Art Expo as well as a fund-raising gesture. There was a myriad of activities for parents and children to take part in, including printing cloth bags and getting intricate Mehendi designs on their hands. There was also a live pottery counter where the parents could try their hands at pottery.

Kalakriti was an opportunity for students to reveal their creative sides and learn the meaning of art. It was truly both enlightening and fun for everyone!

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