Yesterday’s Students, Today’s Diplomats- MUN 4 INDIA@ CPSGS!

The atmosphere at CPS Global Education Campus was charged up with the MUN4 India 2019 Chennai Chapter fever as diplomats gathered for the pre-conference session. Diplomats were happy to find familiar faces in the other former MUN conferences but were equally eager to socialize with new counterparts.

The Pre- Conference started off the day’s events by introducing the World View Team, Mr. Akash Pingley, Executive Board Member and Ms. Shreya Bajaj, Project Lead, MUN4 India and giving us a rapid brief of what was to come in the subsequent two-day MUN conference.

Mr. Pingley conducted a fast-paced interactive session, which commenced with a concise history of the United Nations and a preface to the six wings of the UN. This was followed by an elucidation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supplemented with statistics that facilitated the diplomats’ comprehension.

A  thorough explanation of MUNs took the diplomats through the Rules of Procedure followed in MUNs, from motions to caucuses, along with the agendas. The format of sample resolution was also scrupulously discussed for the following conference days. Diplomats were also given suggestions on how to prepare speeches for General Speakers’ List, in which their stances on issues would be introduced and discussed in the respective committees.

The session wrapped with a swift update for the organizing committee and vice chairs on their duties providing an energy boost. The engaging session proved to be informative for both seasoned diplomats and first-timers alike, eagerly awaiting the start of the conference tomorrow.

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