Sometimes attaining the deepest familiarity with a question is our best substitute for actually having the answer – Brian Greene

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The science of familiarity works in a very peculiar way in our human minds as conversions
are not the one thing that the human mind prefers. Be it the mundane matters that we are
regularly committed to or the habits that we resolve to cut down on every New Year’s Eve
every single practice has human psychology playing into it: which hinders humans from
accepting the new change despite being aware of the fact that the new practices and habits
pave way for a better tomorrow.

As per research, the stupendous run of a few business brands
in the marketing world is largely due to the human’s innate tendency that avoids anything
new by becoming loyal patrons as they are accustomed to them. The only solution to
acclimatize the mind for change is to get familiarise with the works that warrants one’s
attention. New age adolescents who are teach-savvy have been forced to bear the brunt owing
to this psychological impediment that doesn’t accept change and their love for gadgets has
proven to add more flies to the ointment.

To send a wakeup call to the board appearing students who have just a few months to venture
into a new world of opportunities, the CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organised
familiarisation sessions to the IGCSE and IBDP Year 2 students and parents on the 11 th of
June. Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head of School welcomed the gathering and spoke in length about
the benefits of effective communication between parents and teachers emphasizing the
school’s strategy that is based on the mission and vision having 5 pillars namely curriculum,
collaboration and communication, culture and community, computing and creativity, sound
mind in a sound body and she also mentioned the ensuing plan that is to work and materialise
these ideals through two Project Development Plans, namely Strengthening of Critical &
innovative thinking through curricula and Commitment to Community( creating awareness
about social responsibility through the ethos of CAS in the entire school community).

Moving further, the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Aditi Mukhejee and the IGCSE Coordinator,
Mr. Sathyamoorthy addressed the parents and students of IBDP and IGCSE respectively
elaborating the structure of the curriculum through a presentation that elucidated the nitty-
gritties of the curriculum that includes the calculation of the predicted grades of IBDP and the
forecasted grades of IGCSE alongside the facts that the students should remain aware of so as
to ensure that their study pattern enables them to achieve what they truly aspire standing in line with the quote that states, “Aspirations without preparations will simply lead to a life full
of frustrations.” Further the coordinators went on to introduce the mentors and class advisors
for the Year 2 class of IBDP and IGCSE respectively.

The sessions had some time dedicated
for the IAYP & CAS briefings by the CAS Coordinator, Ms. Swrnalatha on the scope of the
program. Overall, the Familiarisation session acted as a platform to not just convey the
importance of keeping up the grades in the assessments but also paved way for the students to
understand that psychologically, humans are a community that wishes to like things that are
familiar to us and they need to passionately familiarise with the matters that deserve our
attention by getting ourselves aware of it in its entirety.


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