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The dire need of reclamation to appreciate the liberty prevailed over the young people for the
past two years as they were forced to cloister around their homes due to the rampant spread
of Covid 19. The experiences of interacting with their teachers and peers in a physical class
without having to care about the bandwidth strength was a luxury in the pandemic world.
Muted audios and switched-off videos were indeed a hassle that kept the social camaraderie
at bay as educationists believe that schooling is not just meant for tutoring purposes whereas
it should go beyond the walls of the classroom to provide a holistic development to the young

Luckily, the new ray of hope that struck the summer of 2022 welcomed back the
brimming joy of school reopening once again at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai for the
students of CAIE 6 to IGCSE Year 2 and IBDP Year 2 on the 13 th of June, 2022 after a hiatus
of two years was indeed a blessing, thanks to the vaccine and the proactive service of the
government. The reopening day assembly was commenced formally with the recitation of the
school prayer, the emcees for the event, Ms. Nithya and Ms. Jean orchestrated the event and
ensured that the students are kept glued to the segments of the assembly in its entirety.

The teachers of CAIE 6 upwards crooned a mellifluous number to welcome the students and
positively rejuvenated with the underlying theme being to excel in their academics in this
new academic year. Followed by this, the Yoga facilitator instructed a few yoga poses to the
students, the Sun Salutation after the pandemic was a great relief to the students. Proceeding
with the assembly, the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Aditi Mukherjee welcomed the students
and wished them heartily for a fantastic year ahead and urged them to put their hearts and
minds into every endeavour they undertake in this new academic year.

Concluding the event,
our beloved Head of School, Ms. Jayu Ganesh congratulated the students for having coped
with the online schooling and was all praise for the IGCSE and IBDP examinations that was
conducted smoothly in the campus after two years. She also advised the students to take up
the academics very seriously by involving themselves in every competition that the school is
gearing up to conduct in this new academic year.

Overall, the reopening day special assembly was a roaring success and it became evident with
the full house participation of the students in the ice breaking sessions that was conducted by
the class advisors in their respective classes.

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