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AY 2022-2023 – EY – First Day of School – CPS GS, ANN

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You  only get -one first day of school 
The first of anything is tough .Today is that day for your beloved little one – the  start of an unfathomable learning journey. 
The early years are such an exciting time as your  child is at that marvelous age where each day brings opportunities for wonder, curiosity, excitement, and discovery.
School was a huge success today despite  nervousness reeking in the air . It did catch our eye ,how some of  our  little cherubs walked into school masking all their angst behind a brightly lit smile . The fearless faces and the spirited attitudes came right through and we are so proud of that !
Little did the new learners  know what was in store for them .They didn’t expect to receive  warmth -just like home , they didn’t expect care -just like home  ,  they didn’t know there would be support – just like home and of course with  all this oodles and  oodles of love – just like home !
Bright smiles and  laughter echoed in the corridors and hallways. For some little ones ,saying  their bye bye’s  was  a little strenuous ,but we think  in the end everything worked out just fine.
Here’s to  happy beginnings !

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