Let’s be ‘irrational’! Pi Day @ CPSGS,TMZ

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“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about

understanding” -William Paul Thurston.

International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day is observed on the 14 th of March every year to
recognize the mathematical constant Pi, which defines the ratio of a circle’s circumference to
its diameter.
Students of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, had an amazing day celebrating
International Math Day in order to recognize the importance of mathematics in our lives. This
year’s theme is ‘MATHEMATICS FOR EVERYONE’. Mathematics is a fundamental part of
our world, and it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. From calculating our expenses to
measuring the height of a building to predicting the weather, math is everywhere, and it is
It was a weeklong celebration, with the Math department posting questions each day for the
students and teachers to. Both the students and teachers enthusiastically participated in the
brain teasers and it was fun to see them race each other to drop the right answers in the
drop box. The Math Expo was one of its kinds with students contributing Board games,
Models for measurement and models depicting how Math is used in our day to day lives.
They also had projects that brought out creativity in Math. On the D day the students started
the special assembly by sharing insights on the significance of the International Math Day.
Following this was a special tribute to everyone’s favourite irrational number, Pi! The
students of IG Year 1 raised the spirits of the assembly with a Pi song! The song delightfully
covered the first 100 digits of Pi. Learners across Grades CAIE 3 to 8 and IGCSE Year 1
participated in the pie rattle- where they had to recite as many digits as possible for the value
of Pi. The audience was stunned as the winners rattled their way to the prize by recalling as
many as 50 digits!
The students of IB Year 1, conducted engaging activities where the participants had to
guess the right mathematical words based on the pictures projected! The students of IGCSE
Year 1 presented to the audience astounding connections of Math with Thirukkural,
Astronomy and Machine Learning. The celebrations culminated with a message from Head
of School, emphasising the importance of Mathematics in our lives.


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