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“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey. The true culmination of success is not the goal

achieved, but the person you become in the process”.

– Tony Robbins

As the academic year comes to a close, students eagerly await the opportunity to showcase their
skills and knowledge. This is especially true for those who have been involved in various clubs
and extracurricular activities throughout the year. The culmination event is a way for them to
celebrate the fruits of their hard work and dedication, while also demonstrating their abilities to a
wider audience. CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai initiated the culmination event on the 3 rd of
March, 2023 for the Clubs viz., Steminist and We Mean Green. The younger generation has
begun to embrace nature and is keen on aquatinting them with the know-hows of its
functionality; thanks to the wide spread concern towards the ecosystem post the pandemic. WE
MEAN GREEN, the eco club was formed with the aim of promoting environmental awareness
and encouraging students to become responsible citizens. The students who were part of this club
learnt about various environmental issues, the impact of human activities on the environment,
and ways to conserve natural resources. The theme set for this year was Embrace and Conserve
Nature. One has lesser scope of conserving anything in nature over which he/she has miniscule
knowledge about. To blur this lacuna, the members of the club photographed the plants and
identified with the help of published literature alongside experts’ guidance. With the identified
scientific names of the plant, the members undertook data mining assignment to equip
themselves with enough baseline knowledge. Astonishments galore from time to time whenever
a frequently observed plant had values in medicine and chemistry. During the culmination
session, the students gathered and presented their strenuously gathered knowledge on the flora
that managed to conjure their attention. Being part of the club taught the students the value of
preserving the environment and how small actions can make a big difference. The activities of
the club instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment, making them better
citizens of the world.
The Steminist club was formed for students who are passionate about science and wanted to
explore the subject in-depth. The club provided an opportunity for students to apply the
theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-life situations. In order to understand the
importance of organic chemicals in day to day life, Students of CAIE 5-7 involved themselves in
preparing pain balm and lip balm, after quite a few trial and errors the balms came out in fine
texture and fragrance. The club also encouraged the students to think outside the box and come
up with innovative ideas.

The ICT wing of the Steminist Club provided an opportunity for students to develop their
computer skills and learn about new technology. One of the recent projects undertaken by the
ICT Club was to design a poster for Diwali Festival and National Science Day using the Canva
application. Canva is an excellent online graphic design tool that offers a variety of templates,
elements, and features to create stunning posters. The students of CAIE 5 to 8 got the
opportunity to explore the various features of Canva and create posters for the two events. By
working on this project, the students learned about graphic design principles and how to use
digital tools to create visually appealing content. The club also organized a tech quiz event for
students of CAIE 1 to 4. The students learnt about new technical terms related to computers, the
internet, and other digital devices. This event not only helped students improve their knowledge
but also helped them develop an interest in technology.
The Mathematics wing of the Steminist Club helped students overcome their fear of math and
promoted a positive perspective on the subject. It is important to recognize that math is an
essential part of our lives and understanding it can help us develop critical thinking skills and
logical reasoning abilities. The different activities and projects that students of all age groups
engaged in, from Vedic math to creating polyhedrons using Euler’s formula, and using Tan gram
puzzles to form different images were impressive. These activities helped students apply
mathematical concepts in creative ways, making the subject more engaging and enjoyable.
In conclusion, being associated with a club provides students with a platform to pursue their
interests and learn beyond the regular curriculum. They also learnt that failure is a part of the
learning process and that it is important to keep trying until they achieve success. The learning
outcomes of students who were part of these clubs were not just limited to environmental
conservation and scientific concepts, but it also instilled in them valuable life skills such as
teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and perseverance.

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