Atelier Club Culmination 2023 @ CPSGS,TMZ To create a work of art is to create a world!

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Clubs form an integral part of school life. CPS Global School,Thirumazhisai offers a wide array of clubs to keep the students engaged throughout the year. This Friday saw the culmination of the ATELIER club. CAIE 1 to 4 fine- tuned their free hand style of drawing, by coming up with beautiful pieces of work. They explored the wonderful world of Origami and had made butterflies, puppets, aeroplanes and many more. Both these activities enabled them to work on their hand eye coordination. CAIE 5 to 7 Atelier club students were involved in activities which not only triggered their curiosity but also taught them skills of time management and team work. The first activity was basic stitching. A stitch in time saves nine, goes the saying. The students were taught how to make a simple stitch. Though it was a tough job for many, in due course they managed to master the art of  making a basic stitch. Sewing taught them patience and focus and also improved their self-efficacy. The next project was producing a Newsletter. They studied the layout of a Newspaper and observed how different types of information are strategically placed.  Students worked in groups and designed their Newsletter. They gathered information, collected pictures and articles and brainstormed about the content of the Newsletter. They worked with utmost dedication and the result was astounding. The Newsletter produced by our learners covered all the requisites, complete with headings, front page having main news, a page dedicated to art work and students’ corner. The students also included riddles and DIY projects in the newsletter. CAIE 8 and IGCSE Year 1 students learnt Kiri- the Japanese art of paper cutting. In this art, the students transformed a simple sheet of paper into intricate designs. They covered a wide range of themes ranging from nature to fantasy. It was a gala affair when all the three groups presented their work. CPS Global School Thirumazhisai, proved yet again that learning doesn’t pertain only to textbooks, the sky is the limit when it comes to the options available for gaining knowledge.


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