Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. -Ken Robinson

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For ages, it was believed that extracurricular activities in school are an outdoor event
that should necessarily happen outside of the classroom. In an age where people
develop false notions by putting academics in a higher pedestal and considering
extracurricular activities as mere diversions; CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai
provided a plethora of activities for the students to dabble on, thanks to the
immobility infused by the pandemic that forced to keep highly sought after
extracurricular activities like sports, fitness and athletics at bay and the students
were provided an array of in-house activities to hone their skills all through the
academic year.

As the year approaches the end, culmination events were organised
to showcase the talents of the students. Good handwriting is an integral part of
education said Mahatma Gandhiji and what better way other than involving oneself in
a Calligraphy course to imprint fine letters on paper. With the able guidance by the
Facilitator, Ms. Aadhirai, a calligraphy enthusiast, a write club was formed and the
students learnt the knack to display fine strokes on paper; their dedication and
perseverance all though the year has certainly paid rich dividends which became
evident on the day of the culmination.

Music as an art permeates every aspect of
lives; the online schooling was not an exception. Timbre, the musical exercise for the
vocal cords was directed by the Facilitator, Ms. Valentina whose passion for music
had transcended into stellar performances by the students during the culmination
event. The right combination of lyrics, rhythm and instruments engaged the audience
and provided a treat for their ears. Tech N’ App, the platform that provided
opportunities to build web application got the students learn the nitty-gritty of the
world of coding and build algorithms catering to the needs of the new age web users.

Page turners and fluency fast were the other activities that were prescribed for the
students to enhance their language skills. The team of language facilitators including
Ms. Vedha, Ms. Achsah and Ms. Suganya provided the much needed exercise for
the students to practice the language through reading and writing. Preforming arts
are an integral part that allows human beings to express their inner feelings,
thoughts and expressions. Footloose, the extracurricular activity devoted for dance was directed by Mr. Sujith whose guidance all through the year has nurtured the
students to blossom into graceful dancers which was obvious in the culmination

The WE MEAN GREEN ECO club coordinated by Dr. Bertrand and Ms. Jean
provided the opportunity for the students to understand the know-hows of the
species assemblage of the backyard and to debate on the devastations owing to the
climate change. The students came up with a thought-provoking presentation on the
various facets of the functioning of the ecosystem. Overall, culminating events
provided several benefits for students as they had the opportunity to review and
experience the learning and execution of their peers.



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