TOKing the GaP

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Life is all about perspectives. When perspectives clash, torment breaks loose, but when perspectives
match, we have TOKing the GaP. Such was the scene at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai where
seniors and juniors joined hands to explore the world of Global Perspectives (GP) and Theory of

A year’s deep diving into these two experiences (they are not subjects but a
platform to allow for all subjects to amalgamate) found true culmination for CAIE 8 as they engaged
the audience comprising their classmates, IGCSE Y1 and IBDP Y1 along with teachers in the narrative
of their journey from personal thinking to projects on Diseases or Conflict Resolution and finally their
reflections. This intrigued the IGCSE Y1 students who are midway between CAIE and IBDP. To show
the audience that GP can be a smooth transition in TOK, the IBDP Y1 students, some of whom who
have GP experience in their former schools, discussed the similarities and the essence of TOK (critical
thinking about Real World Examples being nurtured in the TOK realm with the help of Knowledge
Questions) not just in IBDP but also in the holistic development of a learner.

The student led session
which has been entirely conceived and executed by CAIE 8 and IBDP Y1 students truly proved that
learning does not just happen from cover to cover but from life itself!
Hats off to the participants of this symposium for fabulous and holistic wrap up of the academic year

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