Celebrating the honest accomplishment of our Frontline Superheroes

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“To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can, in spite of all we go through; that is to
be a nurse” – Rawsi Wiliams

These are the words that touch every heart when we think of God’s angels, nurses. Despite the
overwhelming obstacles and vulnerability, their contribution and sacrifice during these tough times is
incredible. Following the International Nurses Day, “The Nurses Week” offered CPSGS family an
opportunity to express our gratitude and pay tribute to our frontline warriors around the world, we
salute the entire nurse community who have risen to the occasion and turned this catastrophe into
outstanding opportunity to show what they are capable of.
We, the entire CPSGS family is proud of our nurses, who have shown boundless courage and flexibility
on the front lines of this battle. Students of CPSGS, Thirumazhisai as an act of thankfulness and
appreciation, depicted their hospitality as drawings and also created a video montage to express their
gesture of gratitude to nurses. We are proud to mention two of our parents are nurses and their
children paid tribute to their mothers on frontline! It is not just to pay tribute but also to acknowledge
their selfless service. It’s very difficult, yet it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make to keep us safe. Nurses
deserve to believe they make a difference, yes they do!

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