Follow rules, Save lives — An Informative Session On Road Safety @ CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai

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Road safety is of prime concern for all on the road, esp, School transport drivers as they are responsible for the future of the country. The IB YR 1 students of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai in collaboration with YI-Thalir, Chennai conducted an awareness program for the school bus drivers on ‘Road safety and Good Samaritan law’ led by Vaishnavi K, Chair of YI – Thalir, CPSGS -TMZ. The session was packed with fun activities and informative talks making it dynamic and fun.

The event started with a warm welcome speech to the session and Mr Mahesh Vasan, Chief Guest by the Chair of YI Thalir followed by a game of ‘GRAB THE CONES’, wherein the drivers participated with great enthusiasm, which tested the drivers’ reflexes. These motor reflexes are extremely crucial for such a profession.

This was followed by an interactive quiz on general traffic rules and regulations. The drivers participated with eagerness, excited to answer the questions. Succeeding this, a presentation on training and technology in bus safety was presented by  the students highlighting the role training, giving first aid, handling emergency situations, etc along with the use of technology like GPS, camera systems, etc that play a crucial role in school transport safety. 

A creative mime was performed by the students showcasing various scenarios projecting the common incidents that might happen on the road and solutions to overcome such situations. The mime was truly an eye opener for the drivers. Thereafter, the Chief Guest, Mr. Mahesh Vasan addressed the session encouraging the drivers to drive with full focus and responsibility. Inspired by the speech, one of the drivers spoke up about one of his experiences on the road several years ago where he saved a woman and child, which was truly endearing. 

The program was informative and served as a reminder for the drivers to travel with safety and prioritize rules over being on time for school, especially since they are ferrying school students.

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