When the going gets tough, the tough get going!…

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Another academic year for CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, in the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic period,
began with an orientation for IBDP Year 1 and IGCSE Year 1 students helmed by none other than the
expert faculty and the IBDP Year 2 and IGCSE Year 2 students. The senior students welcomed their
juniors with a foot tapping English- Tamil rap song. The new students were then engaged by IGCSE 2
students with a power point presentation on World Environment Day. Leading the faculty and the
students to another year of e-class session, HOS Ma’am delivered an inspirational speech on work ethos,
student participation and educated the audience about the importance of environment. Reminiscing the
previous year with its many challenges and hurdles, and how through all these vicissitudes the team has
emerged unfazed and victorious, the session ended with a positive outlook for the future and a renewed
exuberance for another fruitful and wonderful academic session.

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