The Voice of the Youth: Prophesying the Promise of Tomorrow, 2021

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2020! A year that queried every individual’s hope for tomorrow; it has indeed been a
consolidation of uncertainty and unpredictability. Being shut within walls, trying to cope up with
the new normalcy, battling the novel trials, masking the reality; certainly 2020 has been one of
the toughest struggles one can combat. Though strenuous and faltering, with strong
determination every one of us altered the way of living, made 2020 a potential opportunity in
every possible way.
CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai family, sustaining this unprecedented 2020 with all its might,
offered the students of IGCSE Year 1 to IBDP Year 2 a chance to voice out their dreams of the
future during the annual English Fest, NOVA VETA. Understanding the struggle of the youth
and their share of strains in this pandemic era, CPS Global School chose to kindle the youth’s
prophecy and their dream of 2021, titled, YOUTH ANTHEM-VISION 2021. Every written
quatrain professed the subdued emotions of 2020, adding optimistic colours to the voice and
vision of 2021. The voice will soon be made tuneful and be released for all of us to trust in what
is coming, the promise of tomorrow, the promise of 2021!



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