The cultural mainspring called Language, gave a new definition to the whole mankind.

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Language week celebration 2019-2020 @ CPS Global Thirumazhisai

Language is the first identity of every human. Language week was celebrated in CPS Global School with great pomp and show. All the learners from primary to higher secondary were a part of the program and exhibited and explored the essence of various languages. 

Our facilitators were on their heels the whole week to ensure that no stone was left unturned in making the celebration a memorable one. All the learners from primary to higher secondary were the part of the program and exhibited and explored the essence of various languages. 

The four important skills of any language- speaking, reading, writing and listening were portrayed by the students through the many activities organised by the language teachers.. Week-long online word games, collages, dumb charades, debates about travel and target culture and other such activities were organized.

 Food unites us all, be it a meal shared during a train journey or a seven course meal in a restaurant. The first activity to inaugurate Language Week at CPS Global School, the class of IG Y1 put together an eccentric display of delicious ethnic food. Notably, the winners of the day were the dessert, from the cinnamon-infused jelly taste of the leche frita, a Spanish delicacy made from fried milk, to the melt-in-your-mouth sweet kesari, made by the students in Tamil class. the dripping poutine, a French-Canadian dish, the delicate paneer masala, typical of Hindi speaking regions in India,the traditional vada, as prepared in the South Indian region were also shared by the students.It was truly a celebration of the various types of food and their cultural origins. All in all, exploring a myriad of diverse food was an enlightening and DELICIOUS experience.

The celebrations drew to a close with a special assembly on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day during which tongue twisters were presented to the learning community. It was fun to see the students try out the tongue twisters. Our primary students spoke about great poets like Bharathidaasan and Bharathiyar and recited Kabirdas’s Dhohe. One student had the whole school spellbound with his rendition of an inspiring song of  poet Bharathiyaar.

Later in the day, all the students were given the opportunity to venture into the mystical world of languages by learning how to write their names in languages other than their mother tongue. As an icing on the cake, the students were asked to pen down a few letters and words in their mother tongues in the specially prepared chart.



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