A visit to the vegetable garden @ CPSGS TMZ

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“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”

                                                                                  -Gertrude Jekyll

One of the most delightful things to do is to introduce tiny tots to the wonderful world of flora. There is nothing better than showing our tiny tots this beautiful world. Children are natural explorers. Learning about nature from an early age gives them a sense of responsibility. CPS Global Thirumazhisai has a beautiful vegetable garden and we decided to make the most out of it to teach about gardens. Our ELP Kids were taken for a ‘walk the talk’ through our herbal garden on a bright sunny morning. Our children were piqued by their inquisitiveness and started wondering about questions like: Why do the plants need sun? How does the plant “drink” water? Why are worms good for the plants? The kids were pleasantly surprised to see both green and red chillies in the same plant. The kids jumped with joy on seeing the glossy purple hued brinjals or egg plants as they preferred to call them. Some of the kids were so happy to spot the tomatoes that they had seen in their grandma’s place. Finding bush beans in the midst of the verdant green plant was quite challenging for the kids. Nature is the best classroom and our kids learnt so much about herbs, shrubs creepers, and climbers all in the same place and at their own comfortable pace. It was pure joy for the little ones to touch and feel the plants and the vegetables. In our modernised world, teaching our children the importance of healthy eating is mandatory. When children participate in gardening, they are inspired to eat their own little farm’s produce. This has a positive effect on their body and mind. We encouraged each and every kid to grow plants and to have a small kitchen garden in their home. Thus equipped with so much information our learners went home determined to make a patch of “green heaven” all by themselves!


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