Teachers, our superheroes!

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“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges” – Joyce Meyer

Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on 5th September, marking the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan, India’s former President and a visionary in academia, to appreciate the nation’s
teachers and their crucial roles in developing the well-rounded, thriving individuals in the next
generation. During the unfortunate circumstances of the last two years, both teachers and
students overcame many challenges to adjust to an unfamiliar, online learning environment. To
celebrate our teachers’ victories and great contributions, the CPS Global School, Thiumazhisai
Student Council wholeheartedly prepared many fun-filled activities and touching videos. The
assembly was led off with a beautiful multilingual recitation of a prayer dedicated to teachers,
followed by an amusing skit delivered by the CAIE 5 students. Multiple heartwarming videos
were shared, featuring both the ELP students and class representatives sharing their love and
admiration for the teachers along with parents of past and current CPS Global School students
penning beautiful notes to the teachers. Maanasa of CAIE 8 performed a dance and Shreya of
IBDP Yr 1, aided by Jerald and Kiara of IBDP Yr 2 prepared a song rendition for the teachers.
With our Head of School, Jayu Ganesh ma’am’s  inspiring words, teachers were encouraged to
let loose and enjoy the various fun games we had prepared. After our pleasant ice-breaker
session, teachers competed zestfully and enthusiastically in groups for games like Silent Words
and Music & Movie Mania. The celebration ended with an enthralling game of Bingo, where
teachers struck out students; faces to be the winner. It was truly a fun gathering, and we hope
all of our teachers have had an amazing Teachers  Day!

Aadila Zakir Hussain, Asst. Literary Secretary, IBDP Yr 1
(on behalf of Students Council 2021-22,
CPS Global School, TMZ)

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