SIMILO 2021- Day 2

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To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail
– Giorgio Armani

Countless novel scientific research papers churned out every year by scientists across the
globe to further the knowledge on everything from evolution of stars to the impacts of climate
change to the efficacies of vaccines miss the bus to acclaim a place in one of the elite
groups in the world, the Nobel laureates. On a cold winter evening on December 10, 1930,
Sir C V Raman began his Nobel lecture amidst tumultuous applause with the following words
– The colour of the sea. From the dawn of the civilisation to the present day, we often find
that the study of some natural phenomenon has been the starting point of a new branch of
knowledge. A Nobel Prize is not a life-time achievement award; it is an award for blazing a
trail that opens up new avenues which did not exist before. On February 28, 1928, C V
Raman braced up after several failed attempts to unravel the mystery behind his scattering
question remained gazed at the results of his experiment which led him to discover that a
small portion of the scattered light acquires other wavelengths than that of the original light.
The euphoric scientist announced the world that this natural phenomenon which earned the
name “Raman Effect” opens up a new dimension in analysing different types of material.
India celebrates National Science Day to commemorate the ground-breaking discovery of
this scientist who went on to bring scientific recognition and laurels to the country. With the
same euphoric fervour, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organised the day 2 celebrations
of SIMILO 2021 with the staunch spirit of science – the same spirit, with which C V Raman
pursued his research and believed in his words – “the essence of scientific spirit is to look
behind and beyond.”
The day’s events started with a guest lecture by Dr. Nazeema, Principal, Michael Job
College of Arts and Science on Viruses and how to beat them- Cells, Immunity and
Vaccines, a quintessential topic during these gruelling times owing to the pandemic.
Dr. Nazeema presented an invigorating talk on the pathogenic microscopic organisms that
could cause potential distress if spread in a rampant fashion and the ways in which human
body attenuates these tiny microbes through a strong lymphatic system that not just shields
the body from the infection by fighting against the microbe but also memorises the
pathogenicity thereby rendering immunity preventing from further infections in the
subsequent encounters. She also opined on the fact that vaccines are a tiny, weakened non-

dangerous fragment of the pathogen to train the immune system to build specific antibodies
thereby strengthening the immune cells for a successful combat with the real pathogen. At
the end of the talk, the participants inquired the speaker with an array of questions largely
pertaining to vaccines and its effectiveness. The speaker answered every question with
much detailed information and encouraged the participants to take care of their personal
safety and refrain from feeling complacent but rather to follow due diligence to get over the
pandemic swiftly. The ensuing program for the day contained the zealous display cum
demonstration of science models presented by the students of CAIE 6 and IGCSE Year 1
students which earned appreciations from the Guest Speaker and the audience alike for its
clarity and simplicity. As the celebrations came to a standstill, our beloved HOS, Ms. Jayu
Ganesh concluded the day’s event by congratulating the participants and urged them to
keep up the spirit of endurance and stride through the hardships to reach the pinnacle of
success which reminisced a famous quote by Gautama Buddha that states “endurance is
one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final
victory comes.”


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