SIMILO 2021- Day 3

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Real growth of a country was in the hearth, minds, bodies and souls of young men and women of the country

C V Raman

Science, an endless quest – the more we explore, the more we unravel and it is the zeal to
discover and invent results in a new body of knowledge. In every success story in the realm
of science, there exists one or more crucial results that seal the final interpretation and these
results are a pleasure when they arrive. The concluding moments of the National Science
Day celebrations arrived when CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai unveiled the third day
celebrations titled SMILO SPECTRUM to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect
by C V Raman. The pipeline of events scheduled for the concluding day was the icing of the
cake as there was a plethora of activities showcased by the students ranging from CAIE 1 to
IBDP 1 classes. Be it the puppet show conducted by CAIE 4 students and the light show
orchestrated by the CAIE 7 students or the investigatory project on the role of biryani in
disrupting the carbon cycle spearheaded by the IGCSE Year 1 students, the students raised
the scientific fervour and temper to an enviable level. The three day event was finally
concluded with a speech by our beloved Head of School, Ms. Jayu Ganesh who conveyed
her heartfelt appreciations for the students and teachers to have made the National Science
Day celebrations a resounding success. She further reached out to the students and urged
them to carry the spirit of courage and devotion to conquer the endless failures that are
bound to erupt in the long road of achievement and the message recalled one of the famous
quote by C V Raman that states “Success can come to you by courageous devotion to
the task lying in front of you.” The school management takes enormous pride by instilling
the spirit to excel in the minds of students standing akin to the visions of C V Raman who
imagined a society that brimmed with a spirit of victory, a spirit that will carry us to our rightful
place under the sun, a spirit which will recognize that we are inheritors of a proud civilization.


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