Salute to Seafarers!

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“The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest Navigator”

– Edmund gibbon

International Day of the Seafarer is observed annually on 25 June. The day is observed to acknowledge and spread awareness about the importance of the contribution made by seafarers to world trade. In order to work towards a fair future of seafarers from around the world, International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided the theme of “A Fair Future for Seafarers” for International Day of the Seafarer 2021.

In CPSGS –TMZ virtual learning journey, our ELP children got the opportunity to know about the Sea farers. A story was narrated and a video was screened as well. This helped our children to understand that the life at sea conjures up images of adventure, excitement but the opposite is often the case, those who work on the ships spend months at a stretch away from family and friends.  Seafarers and sailors are essential to the functioning of the world and we must always remember their sacrifice with gratitude. Children were encouraged to narrate the seafarer story in their own words. Through their hand full of Seafarer themed – art and craft work the children explored and enjoyed the day. Thus, the little ones paid a small tribute to the heroes of the sea!

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