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Doctor’s Day @ CPSGS ANN

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Awareness is a key ingredient in success. If you have it, teach it; if you lack it, seek it.

In the effort of developing an awareness and responsible youth community, we took a moment to appreciate and celebrate the Doctors who are one of the most inspiring members of the society.

The Lower Secondary Segment observed Doctor’s Day by holding a panel discussion on the 1st of July, 2021 with three eminent doctors.

The program was initiated by the address of Dr. Nanditha Arun, Director and Consultant Diabetologist of Dr. A. Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals and founder-director of Indian Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai. She addressed the topic: Lifestyle and Fitness by throwing light on non-communicable diseases like diabetes and lifestyle modification.

Our eminent second speaker for the day was Dr. Vasumathi Balaguru, a practising Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who currently lives and works in the United Kingdom. She threw light on the need of the hour, Emotional Wellness focusing on concerns in teenage depression, and stress management adding tips to be cheerful throughout.

As the third speaker, we had Dr. Meera VV Ragavan, Senior Consultant, Obstetrician, Urogynecologist and Robotic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. She addressed a rather significant and bold subject yet discussed very minimally – Adolescence and Reproductive Health. Dr. Meera VV Ragavan addressed the sensitive subject professionally by touching upon puberty, growth spurt, menstruation, hygiene and a well-balanced intake of nutrition.

Having a part of these discussions, students could understand that their growth and health are closely intertwined with their physical, psychological and social development, and habituating a healthy lifestyle is a necessity. It was an enlightening session.

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