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Our Children of ELP1 are growing and learning with each passing day through play way method. Today they learnt about the modes of transport, an all time favourite topic with all our kiddies.  The peppy rhyme on road, rail and water ways bubbled up their energy level to the peak.

Our children learnt about the water ways of transport through “BOAT DAY” which gave them a great learning experience. Row… Vroom..Zoom was yet another stupendous activity that facilitated the ELP1 Kids to explore their level of understanding on the different modes of transport.

Vibrant and colourful pictures of vehicles were kept ready. A small setup of road, water and sky was arranged. The ELP1 buddies waited excitedly for their turn to do the activity. They were encouraged to pick and place the vehicle pictures in their appropriate places. For example, if it is a bus picture they have to place it on the road; if it is a boat picture they have to place it on the water. While doing this activity children were instructed to say “ROW” for water ways, “VROOM” for roadways, and “ZOOM” for Airways. And thus our little travellers drove, flew and sailed through the amazing activity.

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