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The musical chair – ELP 2A @ CPSGS ANN

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We’re marching around the alphabet

from ABC all the way to XYZ.

We’re marching around the alphabet,

around the alphabet

Where we stop, nobody knows

until the whistle blows WOOOO!

 As this academic year is almost coming to an end, it’s time for the little ones to revise once again all that they have learnt in the class. To begin with practice on letter recognition and their phonological awareness is of paramount importance. To make the learning interesting the ‘alphabet musical chair’ was organised in ELP 2A. The game was about matching uppercase letters with  their lowercase counterpart.

Musical chair is the perfect game for people of all ages regardless of venue, classroom, home or party. Nobody gets tired of this exciting iconic game. The chairs had the lowercase flashcards stuck on to them and the children held the uppercase letters.  The thrill of going around in circles and matching to the correct letters had children unquestionably enjoy their learning.

Oh! The joy of pressureless learning!

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