Patriotic fervor and Athletic brilliance, unleashed at CPS GS, Thirumazhisai

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“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”

– Vince Lombardi

The Squadron of CPS GS bandsmen, alongside the student head boy, head girl and Sport Captains of Thirumazhisai and Anna Nagar campus, brimmed with pride and poise while striding and escorting the chief guest and other dignitaries of the CPS Schools Group Management to the dais. 26th January, 2024 in CPS GS wasn’t just about celebrating the acing Champions clad in their house colors on the ground but also in profoundly commemorating the 75th Republic Constitution of India. The Republic day speech delivered by Oviya Kannan, Junior Head Girl, TMZ with the opening words of the constitution did astonish us in reminiscing through the Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic heritage of India, followed by the hoisting of the National flag, School flag and Olympic flag respectively by the dignitaries. 

Kicking off with the most anticipated display of the parade of four houses was a moment to witness and stagger at their meticulous and unerring coordination. The moment of honor was marked when the house captains from both the campuses rendered their salute to the guest for the day, Mr. Rajan Mani, Head of Youth & Reserve Team Coach, Chennaiyin FC, Asst. Coach for the AIFF Under 16 Men’s Team  during their contingent march. After the unfurling of the flags and the rigorous march drill, it was time for the most compelling episode of a Sport’s day- ‘Lighting the Torch’ which epitomizes the guiding factor. The Promising torch bearers stationed at transitions, being a true measure of their skill, passed on the torch with great adherence and regard, finally lighting the torch- the fire of spirit.

 As a customary, the school oath was administered by the Sports captains to the house captains from TMZ and ANN campuses in corroborating a fair conduct of play. On account of acknowledging and appreciating a yearlong prowess by the students on the grounds of sport accomplishments, the Annual Sports Magazine, SYNERGY was released with the pigeons being set free on a note of Azadi, enlivening the moment. The chief guest’s keynote was a reminder to the audience to not lose the element of joy and contentment while focusing on the nuances of the game. The contingent was disbanded with students waiting to engross the audience with their riveting and splendorous displays. Meanwhile, the parents were marvelled at the ELP learners’ engagement over a range of sport activities as they were applauded with medals.

Starting off with the multifarious impressive performances from ANN campus, TMZ maneuvered into a plethora of ‘Colors of Life’, a phenomenal spectacle commencing with the primary dynamos pumping up with their drill workout and also soaking up the patriotic spirit of the spectators depicting the TIRANGA formation. Followed by this, was the empowering and rejuvenating showcase of Yoga by the Senior Girls steering through some breathtaking and breath regulating aasanas emanating harmony and serenity. CPSGS, TMZ had intent to represent the age old sport practices and transcend borders, stretching right from the Asian emergence of Yoga to the indigenous Silambam from the Southern India, where the audience was spellbound with some electrifying native defense techniques. The transition from the engaging demonstration to an entertaining and enthralling experience of Aerobics was pepped up with the euphonious, spirited music with refreshing stretches, unveiling the ‘Peace Symbol’ with an inclusive theme at the end of the performance. A relaxed therapy of happy harmones will only set the bar high for an Adrenaline rush with the next showcase – the ‘flames of Martial Arts’. The Students demonstrated extreme endurance skills with fire, pain, agility through breaking of tiles on fire, somersaults, stretching and sparring. The final spectacle was ‘The Castle of hope’ with astounding and intricate pyramid formations, each showcase overpowering and outshining the former formation. The surprising moments of the flag unfurling out of the lotus and the dramatic fall of the pyramid caught the center stage staging a perfect close to the display events. 

To blaze the trial, the students were full of Vim and Vigor awaiting their turns in the track events. It was a clear challenge of performing under pressure and delivering their best on field. Anxiousness, suspense, nail biting moments rose to heights with the score board taking the limelight. At the end of the gruelling yet fulfilling day, it was the Canopus champions who took the trophy back home, basking in glory and the Alphard securing the runners trophy. With the closure of Annual Sports Meet 2023-24, there was not only sportsmanship in the air but also hues of inspiration, tears, well deserved victories, camaraderie and the joy of motivation. 


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