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Fractional Slices @ CPSGS ANN

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Exploring mathematical concepts can be a fun and engaging experience for young children. Whether it’s learning about whole, half, or quarter, the opportunity to understand these concepts through hands-on activities is invaluable. Today EY2 children delved in to the world of fractions using a tasty and relatable prop: bread. They explored with their natural curiosity, eagerly embraced the concept of whole, half, and quarter, and how this interactive approach sparked their enthusiasm for learning. By cutting a whole slice of bread into halves, they could see that two halves were equal to one whole. With great anticipation they experimented with cutting the bread into quarters and observed that four quarters also made up one whole. As our children shared their discoveries and observations, it was evident that this interactive approach not only fostered a love for learning but also enhanced their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. We discovered the mysteries of fractions with the help of our trusty loaf of bread.

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