“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” -Leo Tolstoy

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Students and teachers of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, congregated to celebrate World Environment Day 2020 with great zeal to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. But what set this year’s celebration apart was the need to celebrate virtually; however, it did not deter the enthusiasm and passion of the students.  The students were guided to participate in events such as slogan writing, debate, preparing paper bags and pen stands using recyclable materials and the students were also motivated to promote window gardening.  The main aim of these events was to spread and create awareness to protect the environment from degrading. 

The programme started with an influential speech by Deborah Henry of IBDP 1 on the significance of celebrating the day. The program followed with the participation of students in different events. Shyam Ganesh of IBDP 1 demonstrated the joy of growing a sapling in a tea cup. He also opined on the positive aspects of window gardening which is free from hazardous pesticides and fertilizers. Kailash of IBDP 1 and Mathangi of IGCSE 2 pronounced motivating slogans on the ecological significance of trees in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Further, the event was followed by a session by Jerald Elias of IBDP 1 expounding on the need to abolish the use of plastic bags and turning to alternatives like paper bags by just using a stack of old newspapers and some glue to bind. Finally, the student participation came to a close with the motivating speech by IGCSE 2 students, Mathangi and Padmaja on Global Warming. 

The event reverberated with success as each student contributed profoundly for the day. Addressing on the occasion, the Head of School highly praised the participation of the students and appealed the entire community to adopt green ways of life.



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