A Virtual Prologue to Cambridge Lower Secondary

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With the outbreak of a lethal pandemic, everything around us was muted and unexpectedly, everything became pressing and challenging. Gradually, we acclimatized and began our quest to pull through the question of the future. This new episode has given us all a chance to redesign and to transform our way of doing. Availing such a surprising opportunity, CPSGS Thirumazhisai ventured into a new era of e-learning.

This day, 4th June 2020 unfolded a virtual orientation for Cambridge Lower Secondary learners and their parents. Commencing with an introduction and an energising welcome by our Head of School, the orientation was absolutely set in motion. Elucidating clearly and precisely on the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum and Checkpoint examination, the session advanced through the details of the subjects, teachers introduction, tentative assessment plan, scheduling of online classes with general guidelines on the virtual class etiquette and standard operating procedures. The engrossing question and answer session, absorbed all the participants’ attention, clarified the doubts they had apropos to online classes and academic resources. All-embracing, it was indeed an explicit virtual prologue to Cambridge Lower Secondary!

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