Hocus- pocus: A Spooky Masquerade on Halloween

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With incantations and spells from the disguised tiny goblins, bewitched werewolves and vampires, CPS Global, Thirumazhisai had their ghoulish entrances with ensorcelled pumpkin motifs open for the celebration of  the Halloween Day on October 31st. Halloween signifying the onset of the Fall, does not fail to enliven the students spirits’ every year gearing up for a new season. Donned in their charmed costumes from marvel heroes to their favourite fairies and from gory zombies to menacing witches and fancied potters, students brought in the spine chilling experience. And definitely not to miss out the teachers’ masquerade as the notorious wizards and the prominent sorceress through their costumes and visage arts. 

Students swished around their brooms on a trick or treat spree.  They tricked or treated their fellow phantoms, elevating joy through these simple gestures. All classes were theme decorated, being perfect eerie dungeons for the guised monsters. A special assembly was hosted by the CAIE 8 students at the close of the day. The programme commenced with the prayer and thought for the day. The News report was visually dreading with a gruesome masked reader stunning the audience followed by petrifying songs in magical voices which enchanted the audience. The most gripping and hypnotizing part of the assembly was the dance of the spooks, the spectres and the spirits beguiling the spectators as real. Teleporting into the world of apparition and trickery, the day was a reminder of retrospection, conceding benevolence and light to thrive upon evil.


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