A Day of Joyous Celebrations: Diwali and Children’s Day at School

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It was a day filled with excitement and vibrant energy as our school came alive with the festivities of Diwali and the jubilation of Children’s Day. The confluence of these two celebrations on the same day created a unique atmosphere of joy, unity, and cultural richness.

The school premises were adorned with vibrant decorations that captured the essence of Diwali, the festival of lights. Students, dressed in traditional attire, eagerly participated in various activities, showcasing the diversity of our cultural heritage. The celebrations commenced with a special assembly where the significance of Diwali was explained, emphasizing the triumph of light over darkness and the spirit of togetherness. Students presented dance performances, and musical renditions that highlighted the cultural diversity that makes our school a melting pot of traditions. The highlight of the day was a cultural showcase where students from various grades collaborated to present a performance that encapsulated the essence of celebration. This fusion act symbolized the unity in diversity, showcasing the strength of our school community.

Simultaneously, the air buzzed with the infectious laughter and enthusiasm of teachers and students celebrating children’s day. The corridors echoed with joy as teachers organized various entertaining activities to make the day memorable for the students. The classrooms transformed into vibrant spaces where creativity knew no bounds, with colourful drawings, craft projects, and collaborative games. As the day unfolded, the blending of Diwali and Children’s Day celebrations created a harmonious tapestry of cultural and youthful exuberance.

 Our students continued with a heartfelt farewell as our students bid adieu to our beloved Head of School Ms Jayu Ganesh. Saying goodbye to our head of school on this day was never easy. A poignant moment unfolded as students from all grades gathered to bid farewell to the venerable Head of School, a person who had been the guiding force behind the academic journey of countless individuals. In a touching gesture of appreciation, students collaborated to create a memory book and compile video messages from alumni to express their gratitude and well-wishes. The memory book became a collective effort, a tangible representation of the impact the Head of School had on the lives of students. To add an extra layer of emotion to the farewell, students reached out to alumni who had once walked the same corridors and sat in the same classrooms. The response was overwhelming, with former students eager to contribute video messages expressing their gratitude and sharing the impact of their education on their current paths.

The compilation of video messages showcased the enduring influence of the Head of School, illustrating how the seeds of wisdom sown during their time at the institution had blossomed into successful careers and fulfilling lives. Our Head of School left with not just memories but with a tangible testament to the positive impact they had on the lives of generations of students.



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