Friendship day @ CPSGS,TMZ

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“Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.” – Plautus

Starting a new friendship can be exciting, but building a great friendship requires time and effort.
Friends are life’s greatest gifts.  Unlike certain relationships that we are bestowed with, friends are
our choice.  Being a friend means being helpful, listening and supporting each other, sharing and
being honest.
In CPS GS, TMZ, our ELP kids celebrated ‘Friendship Day’ with their friends. An exciting theme of
palm printing was decided together with different activities. ELP 1 came up with beautiful friendship
butterflies whereas ELP 2 designed colourful patterns with their palms for peacock and ELP 3 drew a
green tree by imprinting palms on the brown branches. They all greeted each other and
strengthened their bonds of friendship by doing collaborative art and craft and took their
photographs with their friends with happiness brimming on their faces.

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