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“It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we have always mapped our path.”

                                  –    Michael Dell

We at CPS Global, Thirumazhisai, strongly believe that our students should be given as many opportunities as possible to hone their interpersonal skills. Four of our IGCSE YR1 students participated in the fourth chapter of Sir Mutha MUN hosted by Sir Mutha School, Chennai. The committees in session were UNHRC, UNODC, UNCSW, WHO, UNEP and UNSC. The sessions were invigorating and had heated arguments and motions exchanged back and forth with fervour among the delegates. Delegates exercised their debating skills through the moderated and un-moderated caucuses. Aditya Prabu representing Mali for UNSC and Nakshatara SP of United Kingdom for WHO received verbal mention for their significant contributions.Thaniya A was in receipt of Honourable mention for WHO representing USA. We stand proud of our students as they proved their mettle in their maiden year at the Model United Nations.

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