Students, during this pandemic have learnt the new language of online schooling.  In order to prepare the IGCSE and IBDP Year 2 students for the board exams in 2022, CPS Global School, Thiumazhisai orgainsed the familiarisation session. The respective Co-ordinators reiterated in their terms the equal importance of knowing the course, the importance of check points, taking effecting routes to the entire preparation process, etc. For IBDP, the adaptations of the various subjects for exams in May 2022 were explained by each subject expert.

Anticipating not a very quick end to the pandemic, the IBDP has made certain amendments so as to ensure fair opportunity to all students. Following this, the Academic Coordinator reiterated the netiquettes and the students was introduced to their mentors. Mentors play the role of friend, philosopher and guide and this crucial year for the students can be smoothened out by the presence of a mentor who not only follows up but also takes care of their well-being. The importance of deadlines and submissions to the IBDP were also propagated.

During the IGCSE familiarization session, the IGCSE Associate Coordinator coalesced the overall objectives of Cambridge learning to the audience. His presentation elucidated the complete structure of IGCSE board exam pattern and curriculum. He explicitly covered the decorum of online classes, assessment and evaluation system.

Finally, the importance of keeping up the grades in the assessments was prompted in them by explaining how the IBDP and IGCSE Predicted & Forecasted Grades apply

Both the sessions were followed by IAYP briefing by Sir. Ranganathan and Ms. Swrnalatha on the scope of the progam in the face of the current scenario.

Thus, it was once more etched that teaching is all about striking a chord with the student. To achieve this feat, it’s not only the teaching that matters but also a core extensive dedication that aggrandize the learning to attain perfection.

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