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Enhancing movement skills @ CPSGS ANN

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Play is one of the main ways that children learn, develop and grow. Play is also good for all areas of development mainly motor skills both gross and fine. And what play does is, it connects everything for a child without even them realising learning is occurring!

Children now know names of parts of the body and the unique action every body part of the human body performs.

And they also know, just like humans, animals too follow different body movements. A fun class was conducted to initiate our children to perform different types of physical activities using different parts of the body. Words like waddle, slither, gallop, stomp, flutter and many more raged around in class and when children performed their actions it left them in splits! At this age children develop in leaps and bounds and a well-structured curriculum involving immense amounts of physical activity helps them to gain control over their body movements faster.

So, would anyone like to charge like a bull or lumber like a bear this weekend?!!

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