“Every Moment is a fresh Beginning” – T S Eliot

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A student’s academic growth and all-round development is a collaborative partnership between the
school and the parents and it is very important that both the stakeholders take an equal responsibility in
this effort. Keeping this in mind, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai conducted the Cambridge Lower
Secondary Parents Orientation session for CAIE 6 to 8 to discuss the various aspects of a student’s
schooling. An extensive coverage of the entire curriculum was done by subject teachers on their
respective domains focused on methodologies employed, the skill sets that are imparted, assessment
methods, preparation for Stage 9 Checkpoint and included pointers on how the school will bring in a
seamless progression in Stages 7 & 8 where new syllabus has been introduced.  Students’ well-being and
screen time issues were discussed. The entire program helmed by the Head of School, Ms. Jayu Ganesh,
and the Middle School Team lead, Ms. Kanagavalli, discussed the entire framework of the syllabus in
detail and clarified doubts and apprehensions of the parents. Apart from the above items in the agenda
the parents were requested to actively participate and bring up any issues in the forum in the future so
that an acceptable consensus can be reached.
While every child has their own strengths and weaknesses it is the joint effort of both parents and
teachers that help them steer clear of any obstacles in their way. A holistic approach to teaching is what
CPS Global School is aiming for and striving towards and it is with this promise that we have started this
journey of a thousand miles that began with a step.

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