Envisioning a Bully-free Society!

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Cyber bullying is one of the great threats that can have bad influence on anyone. Understanding the importance of eliminating cyber bullying, CPS Global School Thirumazhisai had a proactive awareness program on cyber bullying as a part of the Life Skills session.

Learners from CAIE 1-8, actively participated to comprehend the consequences of bullying, importance of developing empathy, human rights and steps to overcome bullying such as Block- Report- Tell an Adult, importance of developing self esteem and self efficiency etc. We at CPSGS, certainly believe, campaigning about cyber bullying can sow the seeds in learners’ minds to prevent this dreadful behavior at a very young age. CPSGS learners wholeheartedly took the bully-free pledge and signed the pledge as well as a sign of assurance.

The sooner we take measures to stop cyber bullying, the better the society will be tomorrow!



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