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Elocution Competition – a virtual challenge @ CPSGS ANN

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Elocution plays a vital role in personality development in young adults, along with effective communication skills, as it enables them to precisely voice themselves with good sentence structure, a defined thought process and enunciation. Our middle school students of CPS Global School were given a wonderful opportunity to enhance this significant life skill by participating in the Elocution Competition – a virtual challenge. Numerous budding talents participated enthusiastically in Round 1 of the competition, and the finest among them were selected and moved on to the final round. The final contestants displayed their skills with much exuberance making the audience wonderstruck. The judges were amazed profusely witnessing the captivating speeches of our promising speakers and were bemused to pick the best ones as every single participant showcased their best. This is, for certain, not the first time for our super stars of CPS Global School to astound one and all with their innate brilliance and competence.

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