Embrace this moment; remember, we are eternal- IGCSE and IBDP Graduation Ceremony 2023 at CPSGS, TMZ

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 Graduation is a momentous occasion – it is not closing of one door, but the opening of a thousand more. CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai celebrated the graduating students of the IGCSE and IBDP Class of 2023 in style. The Chief Guest, Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur, Senior Deputy Director, ICMR, NIE, Chennai graced the occasion. A known face to CPS Global School, being an ex-parent, it was a double celebration for all.

The ceremony initiated with the invocation song followed by a mesmerizing Bharatnatyam recital, Pushpanjali by IBDP and IGCSE Year 1 students. Having set the pace for the solemn occasion the IGCSE students proudly walked down the aisle of hope with candles burning bright with future prospects. They were awarded with the Cambridge Learner Attribute recognition besides the graduating certificates. As they were being awarded, Mr. Sathyamoorthy B, IGSCE Coordinator heaped praises on each student individually.

The IGCSE graduation ceremony was followed by the IBDP graduation ceremony as the young adults walked their final walk down the school auditorium aisle with candles of cheer and hope of a bright future twinkling in their eyes. Parents, teachers, mentors, members of the CPS Schools group management, Mrs. Aishwariya Devarajan, Trustee, Mrs. Geetha Surender, Head Initiatives, Heads of School, CPS Global, both Anna Nagar and Thirumazhisai beamed with pride and joy to see the youngsters receive their scroll of honour and the IBDP Leaner Profile attribute awards from the Chief Guest.

As the students received their graduation scrolls, they were extolled by Mrs. Aditi Mukherjee, Assistant DPC and Academic Coordinator on their unique personality and achievements. Apart from these recognitions, the IBDP Core CAS award was bagged by Mohamed Raahil Shajahan for his consistent contribution to CAS over the two years and the Best Student Council Member award was bagged by Ashwin Karthikeyan Selvapandian for his commitment to the school community.

The final awards of the day were the IGCSE Student of the Year award going to S Harishmanuvel and the IBDP Valedictorian award being presented to Aditya Mukherjee. Aditya, in his Valedictorian’s speech, did not fail to acknowledge the role of each and every member of the CPS GS fraternity had played in shaping his personality and his academic skills. This was followed by the customary oath taking and turning of the tassel by the IBDP graduates administered by Mrs. Jayu Ganesh, Head of School.

The program ended with a special performance by Shreya Ananda Thirtha echoing all the students’ aspirations and their “Million Dreams”. A surprise, even for her own batchmates, Shreya’s voice reverberated with sweetness throughout the auditorium.

In the words of one parent, “the ceremony was a beautiful culmination of the students’ hard work and achievements, and the thoughtful speeches and awards presented left a lasting impact on all in attendance. Such effervescent encouragement and farewell would indeed instil so much more confidence and courage to take on the world.”- this statement says it all! Congratulations Graduates!

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