Empowering the Next Generation: A Session on Clean Energy and Sustainability @ CPSGS, TMZ

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Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.

– Tom Allen

The world we live in today is in dire need of hope and inspiration to bring about a positive
change that benefits both the environment and our future. Fortunately, this hope and
inspiration were delivered to our very own IG1 and IB1 students in a recent session led by
Mr. M K Balaji, Team Lead – Advanced Energy Systems Deployment, USAID SEA Smart
Power Program. As a seasoned expert in the field of clean energy and sustainability, Mr.
Balaji shared his wealth of experience and expertise with the students, igniting a spark in
them to work towards a sustainable future.
The session was an intriguing one, with dozens of questions thrown at Mr. Balaji. However,
he was able to respond to them all with ease, inspiring the students to apply their minds
critically and come up with creative questions. This helped connect their ideas and allowed
the students to understand the current state of clean energy and other sustainable renewable
energies and how they can be put to use effectively.
The information provided during the session was invaluable, as it shed light on how clean
energy resources can be implemented in the real world and the challenges that arise when
these energies are supplied to various areas. Students now have a better understanding of the
benefits of such clean energy resources and how they can be applied in their future careers.
Overall, the session was an eye-opener for all the students who were curious to learn about
clean energy and sustainability. It lit the path for our future environmentalists in the room,
and we can only hope that this inspiration leads to real change in the future.
It is crucial to continue educating and inspiring young minds towards a sustainable future. As
a society, we must work together to make a positive impact on our environment and secure a
balanced future for generations to come. It is through initiatives such as this session that we
can continue to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders to work towards a brighter




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