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Sports do not build character. They reveal it.                

                                                -John Wooden

 Sports is one of the most happening thrills of life. It teaches dedication, perseverance, leadership, discipline, teamwork, confidence and importance of hard work to both children and adults alike. Physical exercise is good not only for one’s body but for their mental wellbeing as well.  Sports is the need of the hour for a healthy life in today’s world where we are all prisoners of a technology infused sedentary life style. A healthy life transforms our body, our attitude, mind and mood for the better.

Sports is instrumental in making friends, having fun, and learning about playing fair and improving ones self-esteem.

ELP students of CPS Global School –Thirumazhisai participated in the Annual Sports Day in the true spirit of sportsmanship. As a way to show respect and admiration to our young Indian athletes, our tiny tots wore sashes with the pictures and names of the famous sports personalities and walked the ramp with pride! The achievements of each celebrity were also acknowledged.  The ramp walk by our kiddos was surely a wonderful tribute to our Indian athletes such as Hima Das, Pinki Rani, Elavenil, Mary Kom, SriHari, Vinesh Phogat, Pawan Kumar, Manju Rani, Maana Patel, Supriya, Sonia Lather, Gomathi Marimuthu, Shakshi Maalik, Vikas Krishna. The parents were enthralled to see their kids walking with such commendable poise. Our students mesmerised everyone with their spirited 25 meters Running Race. ELP 1 had Fluff ball gathering and tennis ball throw events. ELP 2 had Hoops-wearing race and target throw. ELP 3 had Hurdle race and Obstacle race. The highlight of the day was the fun bonding Events of the kids with their parents. That was a truly great exhibit of young energy and spontaneity. Our little learners understood that it’s not the winning but the participation that matters most. CPS GS Thirumazhisai stands tall with the achievements of our little sports persons.

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